Jacinto Guevara Collection

Jacinto Guevara is a figurative plein air painter of Urban Landscapes. He has resided in  San Antonio, Texas since 1992 and is originally from Los Angeles, California. Born in 1956, Jacinto has been drawing and painting “seriously” and prodigiously since 1961.

His creative “professional” artistic career began in 1986 while living at The American Hotel above Al’s Bar in the Los Angeles’ Skid Row and Little Tokyo downtown neighborhoods. The vintage buildings, gritty streets and alleys were great inspiration for his creative vision.

Jacinto endeavors to locate and capture unique views. The aim for him is to find the icon before it becomes iconic. Unremarkable scenes that are bypassed are what Jacinto searches for. Scenes interpreted figuratively but in slightly skewed perspective and exaggerated color and often with an aspect of foreboding. Aside from creating “another pretty picture” Jacinto’s paintings at first glance seem to be simple visual records of locale. Further observation shows the viewer a scene they may have never noticed before.

Jacinto’s love and vast knowledge of architecture, native plants and the visual poetry of urban life all combine to inform his works. As a plein air artist he routinely has conversations with passersby whose comments and knowledge of local lore have influenced the works. Jacinto paints urban landscapes with a unique deference.

Music has also inspired him to be an adept and versatile musician. On his spare time Jacinto plays the diatonic accordion, bajo sexto, Hammond organ, guitar, quena, tenor banjo and ukulele. He has transcribed and compiled a collection of more than 600 traditional songs and instrumentals in the Norteña “Tex-Mex” genre. Jacinto recorded accordion and vocal music for two major “Hollywood” movies in the late 1980s. Among Jacinto’s other interests are the studies of Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Classical Náhuatl.

La Printeria offers these fine art giclèes signed and numbered by the artist.