Serigraph: "Virgen Sagrada de Guadalupe" by artist Zoraida Gutiérrez Ospina

Title:  "Virgen Sagrada de Guadalupe"
Artist: Zoraida Gutiérrez Ospina
About the artist:  Zoraida Gutiérrez Ospina is an artist and architect.  She is curator of the Museo Barragan enclosure and deputy director of the Tapatía Architecture Foundation Luis Barragán, in charge of protecting and disseminating the architect's work.
About the design:  The image consist of interior and exterior architectural elements of Mexico City's Metropolitan Cathedral or Catedral Metropolitana of the Assumption of Mary.

Size and Paper:  Guarro paper is composed of 60% cotton fibers, has a watermark and beards on all 4 sides It has a slightly yellowish color with filigree. Usual size of the sheet is 76 x 112 cm, (30" x 44") with a grammage of 250 gr, The texture is rough.